Creative Embroider tutor Alli Tillcock

Alli's story

Alli grew up in a house where making and creating were always encouragd. Inspired by Blue Peter, Why Don't you?  her mum and a great textiles teacher her creative story got off to an early start!

Over the years, with a love of textiles and an inquisitive mind Alli has developed her sewing skills both machine and hand.

Embroidery came back into her creative world late 2016 when she was looking for crafts that she could do by hand that were more restful and mindful.

She joined Instagram #1yearofstitching which became the perfect framework to show case her work and has been prolific in producing a vast array of work.

Alli is a professional teacher by trade and a member of the national Embroidery Guild and of the local branch here in Bristol.

See Alli's work here: