Sustainability at Flo-Jo Fabrics

As a small business we are always trying ways to make our business more environmentally friendly and sustainable. As a positive step we a have signed up to Ecologi an organisation founded, in our home town of Bristol, by a group of environmentalists. Ecologi aims to make a positive impact on the climate crisis by funding  projects such as tree planting and wind farms in the U.K and abroad. 

As a team at Flo-Jo we have signed up to have a 'climate positve workforce,'  offsetting our work based carbon footprint.

But we know that off setting is only half the story - by setting ourselves climate goals we hope to stay inspired, and make the best green choices for us as a business and you as a customer. You can read our Ecologi profile here.

Sourcing and choosing fabrics is definitley one of the best parts of having your own fabric shop. More and more of our fabrics now carry the either the Oeko-Tex or GOTS standard. Meaning they are either organically or sustainabley produced.